Job Description

We are recruiting for a dedicated professional Linux and ProgreSQL development engineer with a strong knowledge of SQL development and optmisation. Working in a very stimulating environment with expert colleagues, you will join a team of technicians, developers and system testers who work across multiple zones and multiple locations. 

You must be very familiar with requirements of high-end database systems and similar concepts related to the arena of parallel processing for large interactive user populations.

Responsibilities include

  • Review product design documentation to ensure that requirements stated are correct, unambiguous, and verifiable
  • Consult with other product development teams to evaluate system interfaces, operational requirements, and performance requirements of the overall system
  • Define with QA team test methods and create test plans for new or updated software projects to determine if the software will perform accurately and reliably according to documented requirements as well as established standards under both normal and abnormal conditions
  • Provide accurate project development estimates
  • Write automated unit test cases and script them on the chosen test platform
  • Employ Continuous Improvement methods to ensure robust and thorough feature development
  • Maintain effective communication with other software engineers on project limitation, capability, performance requirement and hardware interface changes
  • Conduct compatibility tests with vendor-provided programs and other components of SDM
  • Participate in development and test meetings

Essential skills

  • Experience with database modeling and constructing SQL statements for optimal performance
  • Experience with low-level Linux (particularly RedHat distribution) and PostgreSQL system programming, especially features related to real-time, large scale, parallel architectures with concerns for high data integrity
  • Awareness of best practices for database management and tooling for PostgreSQL
  • Understanding of SQL dialectal variations across RDBMS types
  • Expert in C/C++ programming
  • Good practice of performance and memory optimization
  • Good knowledge (and practice) of open source relational databases
  • Knowledge of bash shell / command line in Linux
  • Familiar with Open Source software and the practices of this community

Additional skills

  • Linux system admin experience
  • Use of Jira, Confluence, Git & Docker
  • Experience working in an IBM mainframe environment: DB2, CICS, IMS, Websphere/IBM MQ