Why Stone Sourcing (an Alegra Group AG Company)?

Fast, effective resourcing capabilities

In order to ensure 3 qualified candidates within 5 days of an issued assignment, we use a variety of sourcing methods and techniques concurrently. The importance of this sourcing methodology cannot be overstated and really does provide us with a competitive advantage combining effective searching skills, targeted advertising and the tenacity required to locate the best candidates for each specific position. 

Staff management 

All staff whether on or off our customer sites will have regular contact with the appropriate management. In addition to regular performance reviews, they will be encouraged to openly discuss ideas, issues and they will all be included in team events plus have weekly or bi-weekly calls to see how they are progressing. We view our on-site teams as a key asset and important ambassadors for the company and close regular contact will not only reduce staff attrition but will also provide the company with important information about clients and any additional needs they may have. 

Flexible and creative

Sometimes in order to find a solution it is necessary to be either creative, flexible or both. Through Stone Sourcing’s (an Alegra Group AG Company) flat management structure commercial decisions can be made quickly and tailor-made to the client’s needs. Through our industry knowledge and experience, we pride ourselves on providing creative solutions and out of the box thinking to get the job done and support our client’s business.

Our service offering

We have developed four main business areas which are:

Stone Staffing

Offers service agreements where we take responsibility of large projects for our clients. For example, we have worked with large banks who required a full review of their customer and needed to hire 50 KYC/AML consultants, we negotiate the cost of the service and over how many years. We also organise the replacement of staff where needed. 

Stone Perm

We recruit someone to work for the client on a full-time permanent basis. The benefit of this service is that the client pays a one off fee for a candidate who will stay at the company for a long period of time. We carry out a thorough pre-screening of candidates including taking references and conducting interviews. 

Stone Contract

Where the benefit is the candidate can start quickly (typically one month) and the client has flexibility on the temporary contract duration. We employ the contractors which means we take care of payrolling, insurances and pension contributions. 


We find the best candidates through LinkedIn and call them directly at their desks. Sometimes the hiring manager will give us the name of somebody they worked with in the past, but they cannot call that person themselves due to non-compete clauses or they do not feel comfortable contacting them – so they use us. 

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